July 6th, 2021

To the Veue Community,

It’s been an incredible year of building what we believe is the future of online entertainment. We’re so proud that we’ve been able to build our community of streamers. They have put in countless hours of preparation, promotion, and love into their episodes. Each and every one of you believed in our mission and saw what we were trying to do, and we couldn’t be more thankful to you for believing in us.

During our run, we hosted over 120 shows, with 6,000 HOURS of watched content, and 11,000 chat messages!

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to raise the funds required to continue to build on what we’ve started here. Fundraising for a startup is one of those inscrutable processes – and for whatever reason we were unable to convince investors that we were onto something.

We remain convinced that someone will come along with a very similar approach, and they’ll be more successful at convincing investors that real-time, interactive live streams are a format that deserves a unique home on the internet.

Thank you again to our team, to the streamers, and to our wonderful community of viewers. Thank you for believing in us and in what we were trying to do.

💔 Signing Out,

hamptonsethcindykonnorsirbulandagustin, and leandro. 

Burt Reynolds Saying Goodbye

Oh, before we go, here are some selected captures we took when the site was still live!